Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Shenanigans

Halloween is a fun time of year - there's creative costumes, candy, treats, and a indicator that the holiday season is fast approaching. Halloween then Thanksgiving then Christmas - ba da bing ba da boom. I like to reminisce about all the costumes I've ever worn. I remember being so excited to go trick or treat and have hoards of candy for days. I've been Cleopatra, a power ranger, a pumpkin, a valley girl, and a zombie athlete. Then there's that middle period between middle school and high school when you are too old to dress up but too young to upgrade to the adult scandelicious version of Halloween. Once college hit, I had a whole new meaning of Halloween fun.

This year, my Halloween has been a fusion of my nostalgic childhood and the adult fun I've been having for the past 5 years. At work, we put on a Halloween party for the kids. I suggested the theme of Super Mario Bros... who doesn't love mushroom kingdom and all those loveable Super Mario Characters? It was sweet seeing all the excitement in their little faces as they came into our room, played games, and left with candy, cake, and cookies galore. The day after the Super Mario Bros Halloween party, I flew back to Houston to celebrate my adorable cousin's 2nd birthday. I was a normal 23-year-old by day and then I was the white swan by night.

Halloween Party for Kids at Work

Super Mario Crew

Cake Pops!

bling bling bling

My coworker told me that I scared her son. He was confused as to why a girl had facial hair. I rocked my mustache, kid.

Isabella's Birthday

Made these cake pops, boxed them up real good, and flew them on a plane down to Texas. That is love.

mmm Raspberry dream cake was soo good

My cute little cousins

Me and my parents

Birthday girl

Happy Birthday, Isabella!

Grandma <3

Halloween with Friends

Me and Tlok were White and Black Swan

Halloween Group

Crystal and me

Josh and Jenna - It was Jenna's first time dressing up ever!

JR and TLok

Stella and I - Stella is mario at bedtime

My friends and I hit up Washington street. We were first debating whether or not to go to Bayou live but heard that they were expecting 7,000 people. No wayyyy. Good thing we went to Washington street, there was no cover and it was poppin'. Too much fun. Time to sleep it off.

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